VP0306 VELPEAU Arm Sling Shoulder Immobilizer Comfort - VELPEAU
VP0306 VELPEAU Arm Sling Shoulder Immobilizer Comfort - VELPEAU
VP0306 VELPEAU Arm Sling Shoulder Immobilizer Comfort - VELPEAU
VP0306 VELPEAU Arm Sling Shoulder Immobilizer Comfort - VELPEAU
VP0306 VELPEAU Arm Sling Shoulder Immobilizer Comfort - VELPEAU
VP0306 VELPEAU Arm Sling Shoulder Immobilizer Comfort - VELPEAU
VP0306 VELPEAU Arm Sling Shoulder Immobilizer Comfort - VELPEAU
VP0306 VELPEAU Arm Sling Shoulder Immobilizer Comfort - VELPEAU
VP0306 VELPEAU Arm Sling Shoulder Immobilizer Comfort - VELPEAU
VP0306 VELPEAU Arm Sling Shoulder Immobilizer Comfort - VELPEAU
VP0306 VELPEAU Arm Sling Shoulder Immobilizer Comfort - VELPEAU
VP0306 VELPEAU Arm Sling Shoulder Immobilizer Comfort - VELPEAU
VP0306 VELPEAU Arm Sling Shoulder Immobilizer Comfort - VELPEAU

VP0306 VELPEAU Arm Sling Shoulder Immobilizer Comfort

$45.99 $24.99
Size: S

Breathable Version VS Comfort Version

About This Item

【LIGHTWEIGHT】The Arm Sling (size medium) weighs less than quarter of a pound, which is equivalent to the weight of two eggs. The arm holder is made of sponge material with air holes, making it lightweight, soft, ventilated, and breathable. It absorbs sweat quickly, providing a comfortable experience akin to being wrapped in a blanket, without feeling stuffy. You'll unconsciously forget it's even there. This sling is ideal for sleeping but can also be used at home, during trips, and at work.

【T-BELT DESIGN】This Shoulder Sling features an innovative T-shaped strap that wraps around the waist, securely holding the arm close to the body and preventing swinging. This design effectively stabilizes the shoulder. Moreover, the product is free from neoprene and latex, ensuring there is no odor or skin irritation. With exquisite workmanship and a fashionable look, this sling is both sturdy and long-lasting. Available in various sizes, it is suitable for men, women, teenagers, middle-aged, and elderly individuals alike.

【SPONGE STRAP FOR COMFORTABLE SUPPORT】The shoulder strap is filled with a soft sponge, ensuring a lightweight and comfortable experience even during extended wear. It eliminates the risk of strangling the neck, maintaining proper blood circulation, and effectively reducing pressure on the shoulders and neck. This support will not only provide relief but also offer comfort during your recovery.

【COMFORTABLE TO WEAR】Experience comfort and ease with this one-handed wear Shoulder Immobilizer Sling, offering impeccable fixation and protection for various shoulder injuries. It supports muscle and tendon pain, joint instability, dislocation, sprains, contusions, rotator cuff surgery, acromioclavicular joint injury, and more. This versatile sling fits both left and right arms. (NOTE: Seek assistance if you have trouble putting it on yourself.)

【100% REFUND GUARANTEE】Purchase the Shoulder Stabilizer Sling with absolute confidence! If you are not fully satisfied with the product, we offer a complete refund. Just inform us of any issues, and we will handle the rest. We highly value our customers' feedback as it helps us enhance the quality and service. If you encounter any dissatisfaction, please reach out to us, and we will strive to provide the best possible solution. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Choose The Right Size

Specific Uses For Product: Acromioclavicular, Rotator Cuff

Use for: Hands

Brand: Velpeau

Size: Large (Pack of 1)

Material: Polyester

Wear Steps
Product Description

Breathable No Stuffiness

These are very helpfull in healing broke shoulder,broke clavicle bone,humeral head fracture,fractured shouldermimis shoulder and keep arm comfortable

Material is Very Soft, and Comfortable Against Skin

Padding on the good shoulder is comfortable enough to sleep in. Won't irritate or strangle your neck.

T-Shaped Shoulder Straps Design

Distributes the weight so its not being carried on one shoulder.Universal Design, Versatile abduction sling can be worn on the left or right arm

Super Soft with Comfortable Wide Straps

Secure the shoulder by keeping the arm firmly close to the body to prevent swinging.

The spongy material is aerated with holes for breathability

Skin won't get sweaty or hot and  uncomfortable underneath.

Light and comfortable

Weight of two eggs.You'll forget it exists while wearing it.

Light and comfortable

Weight of two eggs.You'll forget it exists while wearing it.

Work for both left and right arms

Pre-wear installation method
As shown in the picture below, please slip the Velcro strap through the plastic buckle on the shoulder strap before wearing. And notice that the direction through the plastic buckle is opposite for the left and right arms.

When you get the sling, if you find that all the straps are completely opened, you need to pass the Velcro strap ④ through the plastic buckle ② and then fix it onathe sling before putting it on.

How To Choose The Right Size?

Please measure your underbust with clothes on to choose the correct size. If the product is on the outside of clothing, please measure your underbust.
The width of the armrest is (that is the length from elbow to wrist):S: 14.2'', M: 15.4'', L: 15.4'', XL: 16.5'', XXL: 16.5''

How to Wear A Shoulder Sling

  • 【Lightweight】The Arm Sling (size medium) weighs less than quarter of a pound, which is equivalent to the weight of two eggs. The arm holder is made of sponge material with air holes, making it lightweight, soft, ventilated, and breathable. It absorbs sweat quickly, providing a comfortable experience akin to being wrapped in a blanket, without feeling stuffy. You'll unconsciously forget it's even there. This sling is ideal for sleeping but can also be used at home, during trips, and at work.
  • 【T-belt Design】This Shoulder Sling features an innovative T-shaped strap that wraps around the waist, securely holding the arm close to the body and preventing swinging, effectively stabilizing the shoulder. Moreover, the sling is free of neoprene and latex, ensuring there is no odor or skin irritation. With exquisite workmanship and a low-profile look, this sling is both sturdy and durable. Available in various sizes, it is suitable for men, women, teenagers, middle-aged, and elderly people.
  • 【Sponge Strap without Strangling Neck】The shoulder strap is filled with a soft sponge, ensuring a lightweight and comfortable experience even during extended wear. It eliminates the risk of strangling the neck, maintaining proper blood circulation, and effectively reducing pressure on the shoulders and neck. This support will not only provide relief but also offer comfort during your recovery.
  • 【Comfortable to Wear】Experience comfort and ease with this Shoulder Immobilizer Sling. It provides perfect fixation and protection for injury nursing, including shoulder muscle and tendon pain, shoulder joint instability, dislocation, sprain, contusion, rotator cuff surgery, acromioclavicular joint injury, and more. This versatile sling fits both left and right arms. (NOTE: Seek assistance if you have trouble putting it on yourself.)
  • 【Note】Please double check your selection and refer to the size chart for a proper fit. If you are between 2 sizes, please choose the larger size.
Product reviews
The best
I had a previous sling that was very hard on the neck. This one is a great design that gives good support without the neck strain. I highly recommend it.

Just what I was looking for.
Temporary relief for my shoulder injury. May use it after surgery.

This product is NOT difficult to use. Very comfortable
No offense to those who say this sling is difficult to figure out but thats just crazy talk. I had major right shoulder surgery a couple weeks ago and have a fractured left wrist. Had this sling out of the box and strapped up in less than two minutes. Complicated?... Not by any means. This thing is comfortable and worth every penny.

Very comfortable; washes well and easy to get on and off
I fractured my shoulder and needed a sling for stability for four weeks and then occasionally thereafter.  I bought two so I could wash one and wear the other.  Well made and comfortable.

It gave wonderful support while healing from my shoulder injury. It is for both right and left arms; you just have to unfasten the shoulder strap and flip it to change sides.

Very confortrable
Fits very well. Keeps arm very stable. A real joy to wear

Secure, Comfortable and you can adjust it to help keep the shoulder strap off of your neck.
Very secure sling and comfortable sling for having to wear one. I can’t stand things around my neck  is the reason I choose this piticular one and I’m glad that I did.It’s the  most comfortable one that I’ve found at a reasonable price.

Total shoulder replacement! Best option ever! And the price!!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌

If you want to heal buy this sling
We got universal POS from the ER and Dr...I bought this for my wife...what we shooters call a 3 point sling...she is 5 foot nothing and 98 lbs the small is perfect...kept her tight and stable to heal collar bone break...A+...

An Excellent design
The sling is so comfortable, great support, light weights, breathable material for my fractured humerus which needs to be immobilized.Recommend it highly.

Adjustable and comfort
Workers great for stabilizing my shoulder

Does what supposed to do
Better than what I got from the doctor.

Best Brace when you need one
This is the only brace I could find that didn't stray into my neck and hurt/annoy me. The tri back portion and straps keep it comfortably in place.  It's soft, breathable and a joy to use, assuming there's joy to be had in any arm or shoulder injury lol. Recommend it 100%

Work very good thank you

Great Great great!
It fits perfectly and helped to heal my elbow! A++

Love it!! Best thing ever
Best thing to buy well worth the money!! Easy to use and very comfortable to wear!! Light weight but sturdy can’t say enough about it!! Well worth the money!!

Shoulder Stabilizer after humerus fracture.
Purchased this to immobilize my moms humerus fracture. It worked well and the Orthopedic doctor liked it.

Perfect happy I found this one
Bought this for my mom and she refused to wear one until I got her this one she loves it comfortable and light weight. Thank you!

Good and easy to put on.
Easy to put on, I don't understand why most of the people's reviews say they couldent figure out how to put it on. I put it on and fastend it in less than a minute. Comfortable, and you could wear it on left or right arm. I recomend you choose size by measuring from your elbow to wrist. I purchased the Small and I'm 5'2.

It is like the one the hospital gave me. My therapist said thats a great sling !
It is comfortable and yes light weight and easy to adjust and put on

A Must Sling compared to what you get at the Dr.'s (Much more comfortable)
Really liked this sling when I broke my arm. So very durable and comfortable.

It provided a lot of comfort and support. Was much better than the cheap when I got at the hospital.
It provided a lot of comfort and support. Was much better than the cheap when I got at the hospital.

Great purchase
I bought the comfort option and I am very satisfied with it. It is simple to put on and you can ACTUALLY put it on by yourself! I had complete reverse shoulder replacement so not a lot of movement to work with! The fancy brace the hospital sent me home in required a degree in engineering to put on and every thing it touched got permanently attached to the Velcro ! This new sling is super soft with comfortable wide straps that work with Velcro (normal strength) instead of 4or5 buckles that dig holes in ur skin when sleeping. The double strap on ur back immobilizes arms movement just as well as the Waist strap on my old one. Having to wear for only six weeks I’m confident the construction will hold up.  So I couldn’t be happier with this purchase !!

Best sling I've tried since straining my shoulder
I highly recommend this sling if the typical one hurts, rubs or pulls on your neck.  Im a large size and this fits so comfortably I was shocked  1st time I wore it.  It did take me a minute to figure out but now I place off and on myself.  Highly recommend

Great for a rotator cuff surgery
Surgeon was impressed

Hard to put on without help.
My husband fell and broke the top of his humerus bone right at the shoulder joint. He needed to keep it as immobile as possible and we tried more than one sling type thing before finding this one. It really worked well at holding his arm tightly to his body, but he wouldn't have been able to put it on or take it off without my help, even if the mobility of his other arm hadn't been hampered by a previous surgery. The way the shoulder strap was designed was by far the most comfortable he tried. We would give this full approval and recommend it to anyone needing to keep an arm firmly supported and tightly held to the body.

This is and was the perfect buy for my rotator cuff injury.
I injured my left shoulder rotator cuff to where any movement of rotation is extremely painful. This product helps me tremendously.

Great sling
Definitely high quality, a tiny bit complicated but once you figure it out, you are good.

Easy to put on, great support
Arm, hair line cracked, felt great once I put it on, feel progress being made on my recovery

Excellent Arm Sling!
Arrived on time in good condition.  Manufactured very well and material is quite comfortable; especially around the exposed skin areas.  Functioned very well and felt stable.  High grade sling.  Highly recommend.  I am not affiliated with this product or seller.

Very comfortable
Very comfortable and easy to use

Comfortable Sling
Has more support and comfortable then the one given to you after surgery

The best 👍
The best sling EVER!!! I just got intense surgery on my clavicle , shoulder ,and this sling is amazing,it keeps my arm close to my body for support it's comfortable, it's breathable material ,, definitely definitely recommend 👍,I promise won't be disappointed 🙏

Extremely Happy
Noticed an immediate, positive improvement in my pain!

Thank you, no more Neck Pain
I fell and broke my humerus bone in my right arm, it is a spiral break.  I cannot get in to see an orthopedic surgeon until next Thursday whichWill make it 9 days with a thin sling they gave me at the ER.  That slip crossed over my neck where I already have disc problems so I had to findSome other way to hold my arm together.This sling is perfect, well made, comfortable, easy to get in and out of and the strap goes on your shoulder and around your back, keepingYour arm very secure, with no neck pain.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  Judy Dunn

Yet to  know.
I have had my surgery postponed a week because of the weather but will update. Tried it on and seems to be just what I need but will know more next week.

Great product
Love it, comfortable considering why you need it. Easy to use and stabilizes shoulder well.

Comfortable sling
Great and comfortable. Had shoulder surgery and this sling was perfect. Easy to use and kept my arm stable. Highly recommend as it can be used for either arm.

Great product for rehab!
I purchased this for my daughter's rehab. The sling is great in stability and durability. The price is economical for a professional product. Has definitely perfoed to standard.

Big help
Very sturdy, well padded and comfortable!!!

Unique design! Not bulky!
The unique type of velcro means you can adjust the straps to almost anywhere on the sling, allows for a Super-custom fit. And, it’s a unique type that is easy to get on and off one-handed!My orthopedic surgeon was ready to sell me a “Ferrari” of a sling, but it what was 1) super bulky, 2) scratchy (I certainly couldn’t wear it w/ on bare skin w/ tank top!), 3) my arm still swung left and right when I walked, 4) The Velcro was difficult to adjust one-handed.This sling solves all of that!It keeps my arm almost completely secured to my body! Only when I walk up and downstairs do I feel any sort of up-and-down pressure/motion. It’s excellent!It’s super soft.It’s super customizable!And it’s slim-fitting!I wouldn’t change anything about the design!

Excellent fit and very comfortable.  Solid materials as well.

Very Comfortable & stable
I just fractured my elbow (the neck of the radius). This sling is so comfortable. If I want some mobility (i.e. to type this message) I can unvelcro the back strap. If I want more security and immobility, I can attach it. It really cradles the lower arm and elbow. It was $7 more expensive than the one I got at Walgreens, but it is definitely worth it. It is well packaged, there are clear directions, and it arrived in 2 days. Thank you Velpeau!

Best product for a child!
Best product I could have bought for my daughter who severely broke her arm. We tried multiple slings but this is the only one that was comfortable to wear all day and kept her arm in place. Amazing!

Love love love

So far so good
Just received today.  Fits well and is comfortable, actually better than one ortho gave me.  Hopefully it will last for a while, awaiting MRI to see if I have a rotator cuff tear. Glad (so far) I ordered it.

When I needed a sling this was very comfortable and actually kept me from using my arm. My orthopedic doctor really liked it too.

Great sling for the money.
Great sling for the money. Sling is sturdy, comfortable, and well made. If you’re almost between sizes according to chart, choose the larger size. First one I got was too small and they took it back no problem.  Reordered larger size and it fits perfect. Been wearing for three weeks and well satisfied.

You need this!!
I fell and broke my collarbone (clavicle) on New Years Day. Ordered this because I couldn’t find one to buy anywhere around me. Best purchase ever! I love how it keeps my elbow secure and hold my thumb. It doesn’t put pressure on my shoulder like the cheap one from the ER. I got the size small, I am 5”6 100lbs for reference. Seriously, you will not regret buying this… so worth it! It’s easy to put on yourself after a little practice. Very comfortable.

SUPER comfortable
Have bought 3 other slings and wife complained about them all. She was in heaven with this one as its so soft and designed and constructed with the idea that a human actually has to wear it for months. Dont bother with all the others, buy this one first. It is very difficult to install correctly as instructions are bad and confusing....

Very easy for right arm but attaching velcro on left side was awkward

It took a few tries to get it on right, but, it is very comfortable, and easy once you get the hang of it!

I bought this for myself as I was having surgery on both elbows and needed something a bit easier to use than the over sized sling my ortho sold me. This is perfect and can be used for either arm so I'm getting 2 uses out of it!  I would recommend buying a size up though. I wear a 40c bra and bought the xl which fit but I would have liked a bit extra length in the strap.

A Great Sling - Takes A Learning Curve To Put Onf
My husband broke his collarbone and had to have emergency surgery. In the above video he says scapula, but he meant clavicle. They gave him a sling in the emergency room which was okay and another sling after surgery which was absolutely awful. We knew he was going to be wearing a sling - at least at night - for a bit so I decided a foam sling was his best option.I measured him first. It was a really tough week and I just did not want an ill fitting sling to be what pushed us over the edge. There are very clear directions in the description. Measure your underbust or underneath your arms. My husband who is a big guy - 6 feet and 216 pounds - measured correctly for a size large. I ordered a size large.When the sling arrived my husband was at the point where I still needed to get in the shower to help him. He could not dress himself and could barely move his arm. I was helping him to do basic daily hygiene and he had a weight lifting limit for his good arm of 1 pound. He had basically turned into a helpless infant.I sat him on the side of the bathtub and we tried to put this sling on and we failed. We have three advanced college degrees between the two of us and we were almost defeated by a piece of foam because the directions suck.My husband finally figured it out - see video attached.This sling is really great. He said it is extremely comfortable and provides a good amount of support, especially at night. He wore it while using a cold machine and we had no problems. I washed it a couple times by hand and it dried pretty quick in front of a fan. If he had needed to wear it for any longer than a couple of weeks I would have purchased another.As far as people having issues with sizing: this sling does feel like it is way too small at first, but it will fit. It stretches. My husband is not a small guy and the large fit him nicely.

Perfect fit!
Used it for shoulder injury!

Sturdy and comfortable
After a pinched nerve I needed something to help the pain down my arm. This was perfect. It kept my arm close to my body and I could adjust it to any height or fit I needed. Only complaint was that when I had my arm close to my body it kinda hurt my ribs after a few days. But I think that was me not the device.

Love this sling
Having had surgery on my arm I needed a protective and stable sling. One I could relax my arm in.  This was it!  Very comfortable and adjustable to any size.  It is also very sturdy. A great buy!

Better than the sling I left the hospital with
"The ""hospital sling"" was worse than uncomfortable.  It rode up my shoulder causing a lot of neck pain.  When this one arrived I took the abduction pillow off the issue sling & put it on the Velpeau.  What a difference!  Not only was it more comfortable but it stabilized my arm & shoulder better than the old one.  Amazing!I'll give you a tip for the first time you put it on:  don't overthink it.  The strap with the blue edges goes over your shoulder & the other will fall into place."

Good product
Use guide to measure. Mine fit very well.

Works good
It works well

Came home from shoulder surgery with sling with heavy block  it. Horrible when removed all the Velcro stuck together. This sling is comfortable and slips over head one strap and you’re done! Highly recommend.

Finally a sling that works
After buying various shoulder slings this one finally works.... I love it..

A very high quality product and pleasant to use
A very high quality product and pleasant to use.It is very convenient to put your hand in it after shoulder surgery.With a design that prevents sweating, and does not bother even with prolonged use.Everything the seller promised, does exist in the product.Highly recommend.

Awesome sling
No neck pain! This sling doesn't rely on you neck to hold up the sling. I am so happy with this sling. Having a broken elbow stinks, but at least l don't have neck pain.

Velpeau, súper
Me gustó porq era lo q realmente necesitaba, buen producto, gracias

These are very helpfull in healing my friend mimis shoulder and keep her arm comfortable
I bought these for my friend mimi my in home care services helper that helps me clean my moms mansion estate condo i live in because i have a dissability and cant work or clean the place ad good as a good cleaning helper im not physically dissabled im have a problem working for a business for billions a dollars a year with no experiance in job no how and what exactly to do every day for billions of dollars a year to start a mansion estate family with 12 girls and 12 daughters every 2 years these were very helpfull thanks


Very comfortable
This Armsling is very comfortable and stable and supportive.Much better than the one they dispensed at the hospital

Perfect for broken shoulder
This was much more comfortable than the one the hospital prescribed.

Good product, confortable.
It is a good and comfortable product, but I need help to put it on because my injured shoulder.

Returned because doctor gave my one at hospital

Great sling for immobilizing shoulder
I’ve had a sore shoulder from long road trips many times.  After the last trip, it didn’t get better.  I bought this sling and a shoulder wrap.  Using them together has made a world of difference.  I will be bringing both on the next road trip!

Very comfortable!
Easy to use, breathable and provides great support with all day comfort

Comfortable and Contouring
I broke my elbow and was sold a sling by the specialists office…however it was not contouring to the body and held the arm at an odd angle! It also dug into your neck. I have been using this sling for 5 weeks (yes even at night) and I am very impressed!

I'm on my 2nd major rotator cuff surgery had one 13 years ago and the 2nd last week. I have been through numerous slings but find none of them provided the solid sturdy support that I need. I'm restricted to wearing a sling at a certain angle for 2 weeks only taking it off to shower. I'm on the petite side shoulder wise and most slings would not bring my wrist up high enough, I ordered this sling and 1 other one that was different from this one and found it was pretty good. Today I pulled this one out of the box and it looked quite confusing so I watched the video and saw how simple it really is to set up for a good fit. I had to write this review to let you know that this is the most supportive, comfortable sling on the market. There is no stress whatsoever on any muscles while getting up or sitting down the arm stays right in place, as before I would have to tighten up arm and hand muscles to move and by the end of the day the arm and shoulder would feel fatigued. This is super awesome in all aspects from design to comfort and materials used into making this sling. I know the last photo has a lot going on but the back strap that is the last one to secure keeps your arm in place especially while bending over.

It was perfect, helped my separated shoulder heal.

Great product!
Product is well made, comfortable and light. Unfortunately the size chart was incorrect and I had to return it. The chart asks for chest measurement to determine size. My husband's long arms hung out of the sling.

Great sling
I had broken both my collar bone and shoulder and needed a good support sling to prevent movement.  This worked great and was very easy to use and comfortable.

I have been looking for the sling for a long time!
I been looking for the right sling for over 5 years and I was getting ready to find someone to costom make one for me but I can't afford it! I finally found it!! I love this one I was shot in the head over 5 years ago and I've been looking for the right one and I about was going to give up and I found it!!! It is perfect!!!

Best sling while healing
Product was great got it a couple weeks after a broken clavicle and was comfortable and easy to adjust by myself highly recommend it if youre looking for a clavicle injury sling

Item as advertised
Loved it.

So much better than the ones given to you by your doctor!
The one I received from my orthopedic was totally uncomfortable and felt like it was strangling me this one was very comfortable and well worth the money.

Arm harness
I love it! It doesn’t move, stays in place and it’s confortable to wear it all day if needed it

Best sling ever.
The only problem I had was that the Velcro is so strong that sometimes I had trouble adjusting the sling. That’s not too much of a problem.

Way Better than what the hospital gives out!
Better quality and stability than expected

It is just what a broken arm/ shoulder needs.
I broke my clavicle bone in two places, and needed a sling a little more sturdy than the flimsy one they gave me for six weeks.  I love that it keeps my arm position upright and infront of me.  It is easy to adjust, take on and off.  The only thing I didn't like is the material, it is like felt and it collect lint.  Though it is made to provide ventilation it makes your skin hot.  I definitely felt more comfortable and secure when wearing it, it doesn't allow my to drop or move in a painful direction.  It is a secure fit

Helps control shoulder pain!
I have torn my shoulder and am waiting for surgery - this arm sling really helps to control the pain by immoblizing my arm.

I looked for a few days for the perfect slang. After rotator cuff surgery the sling that gave me was bulky.  This is sleek and stable.  Great quality. Watch the wearing video and follow the instructions for a perfect fit.

It’s awesome, comfortable.  Only thing was getting the strap through the plastic ring.

I broke my shoulder and the standard sling they give you in the ER is miserable to wear for 4 straight weeks. My orthopedic doctor recommended this one and a few others. This one was by far the best. I ended up returning the others. The stability is great. It takes so much pressure off of your neck. It was a little tricky to put on the first time but other than that it’s been a life saver.

good quality and price
I have short arms.  Length of arm holder could be a little shorter.  My hand disappears in the sling.

Le ft & Right Arm Support
I chose this support because it can be used for either arm.

I got a humeral head fracture, extremely painful because affects all muscles attached to the shoulder. Because the location of the fracture and other few details there was no way to cast my arm. The slings the ER and few days later an orthopedic surgeon gave me didn't offer any relief and did not immobilized my arm to prevent involuntary and unwanted movements, causing unnecessary excruciating pain and setting back my healing process.The sling in review is very comfortable, supports the arm really well, immobilizes the arm and at the same time is easy to put it on and take it off. Great buy! Let the healing begin!!!

Worth the effort…
This is a a little difficult to understand the instructions and the pictures are tiny but stick with figuring it out.  Very worth the effort.  Would love to say it is comfortable however having your shoulder held in place sucks.  It does it’s job and does it very well.  It is more comfortable than the other brand I ended up sending back.  Very stable and once set up easy to put on.

This merchandise is comfort
He like it

Arm sling
The arm-sling fit perfectly the way I want it to fit.  I would encourage anyone that had surgery to get this sling to stabilize your arm

VELPEAU Arm Sling Shoulder Immobilizer - Rotator Cuff Support Brace ------ Outstanding
I did not find it easy to put the Sling on. i needed my wife to help. I had arthoscopic surgery on my right shoulder on 7/1/21. I had a rotator cuff tear & a Bicept tear. The sling really made a positive improvement in my sleeping.Thanks to the  VELPEAU Arm Sling Shoulder Immobilizer - Rotator Cuff Support Brace.

No neck pain!
This was a lifesaver the hospital had given me a sling but it it just didn’t work and this really helped me immobilize my arm and let me be able to not have it pulled on my neck so this was a great addition for me recovering from shoulder surgery I highly recommend this product

works very well.
Much more comfortable than sling that rest upon the side of the neck.  Much more comfortable to sleep in.

Just as pictures
I don’t do many reviews but this product has served me well. I broke my shoulder in the hospital gave me a flimsy uncomfortable Pinchy itchy sling. This one is adjustable and super comfortable. I’m large breasted so it’s very comfortable to be able to adjust it for my size. I would recommend to anyone who needs it. Also like that you can do left or right arm. Great product very well-made. I would recommend washing it before use

Excellent product
My 12 year old daughter split her shoulder a regular sling wasn’t giving her enough support this held her arm very well kept it stable which helped with the pain and healing

Great product

Would recommend
Fits great and did its job for a fractured shoulder

Used this for compound fracture of arm/shoulder. Very comfortable & easy to adjust. Well worth the money.

Get this sling!
Best sling ever! I tried many but most pulled my shoulder forward. It does take a bit of time to figure out. It is not quick on or off if you have limited mobility but I can do it alone without hurting myself making it worth the effort.

Comfortable & Provides Support.
Love this sling. It is comfortable, provides support and easy to put on one handed. I was given a sling at the hospital which required someone helping, it was uncomfortable and caused me pain. So happy I ordered this. Highly recommended.

Size matters
I love the comfort and sturdiness! I do t like that it don’t fit fat people as easy as normal people!!

Great for security
Really holds the shoulder in place, which reduces possible damage and pain

Very comfortable. And good support
Couldn’t figure how to put it together. My daughter had to help me especially since my shoulder is compromised. Definitely needed someone to help. Instructions weren’t good

Great product!!
Great product with great customer service!!

Keeps pressure off neck
This sling was fantastic. It didn’t dig into my neck like all the other immobilizers I tried.

Excellent product
Easy to use, good quality

Very comfortable and stable!
Great product. Extremely comfortable.

I would purchase again
I like the velcor fasteners and the straps were wide for comfort.

Great Sling-Comfort and Support
Bought this for my mom who fell and broke her shoulder. It is a great sling (once you figure out how to get it on properly). But I would highly recommend.

Good fit
Using for a broken shoulder

It is good quality

On a whim
About a month ago I fell in such a way that stained my entire right girdle, from my fingers to my spine. The standard sling from the doctor was okay but i needed something more. On a whim I got this sling, and I'm so glad I did!This model allows for personalized stability points at each joint. Within minutes I could feel everything settle properly.(Ladies: or size reference I am a 46DD)Update 5/9/21: if I could adjust anything, it would be for adjustability at the carpals. But the way it secures the thumb? Amazing

Great for shoulder surgery, light and comfortable

Great product
Well-made, easily adjusted one-handed, wears well, and easy to get on and off one-handed.

I love it
I like how keep my shoulder in line how the dr wanted it be thank you again

Best sling ever
It was more stable than other ones.

Excellent product!
Perfect size, excellent support, definitely did the job it described! Would 10/10 recommend! Read through the instructions, all of these more complex slings take some getting use to putting on! This one is not any different! Familiarize yourself with key components so you know you have it on correctly each time. Have someone help you the first few times, then you will be able to master it yourself in no time!

Would buy again
This helped my shoulder so much.

Comfortable arm Immobilizer
Easy to get on and off and comfortable.

Work great
This sling works really well if you need to stabilize your injured shoulder. I had rotator cuff surgery 6 weeks ago and my original sling is super worn out. I needed something to sleep in and this did not disappoint

Comfortable to wear
This sling provided excellent stability of my shoulder and was reasonably priced.

It’s sooo comfortable and it adjusts to the way you need it I had a broken wrist and it was really useful to have before and after my surgery. 1000x Way better than the ones the hospitals would give you.

Lightweight and perfect for me. I loved that it did not pull on my neck and was very comfortable wearing all day at work. I ordered the small and am 5’3, 125 lbs. if you are any bigger, I would size up.

Great value and quality. Love this sling.
Love this sling. I have a double fracture on top of shoulder and another break further down on my right arm. The sling i was given by the ER had the waist strap but my arm still moved around whenever i walked. This sling is easy to put on by myself and is more fitted so holds my arm more securely in place and is just more comfortable to use. It’s a lot of value for the cost. So glad I purchased this one.

Works great for me
"Well for me it was fairly comfortable. For a friend of mine it was way too short.I had my other half try it since it arrived about the time he hurt his shoulder.  He's about 6-8 inches taller then me and of course has a lot longer arms. Quite a few of the slings I have are much more adjustable and would have been comfortable for either of us.That also means some are a little long for my arms or not quite tight enough for me to wear comfortably without some extra padding. Something under my elbow or fore arm to keep the shoulder pushed up into the socket. Especially the medical ones. Because I fit between sizes basically.So the fact this one showed up and is the perfect size for me is great.It definitely seems well made almost seems like the same material that the ones you get from the doctor's office are made out of. The only differences are that it's shorter so it doesn't almost strangle you if you need it tighter. Also this is slightly more breathable material, so my arm doesn't get nearly as hot as in the other ones.Both differences I appreciate. This one maybe doesn't stretch as much as it could but that also means its less likely to stretch out and end up to big as it gets older or the elastic gives out on it.I found it to be a decent item that I would recommend to someone under 5'6""-5'8"" at least for the small."

My mum fractured her shoulder and had it keep her arm immobile for 6 weeks. This sling is much more comfortable than the freebie hospital one. It keeps her arm from swinging and she even slept with it in the early weeks.

Compact , minimal design but offers excellent support. Easier to use than every other sling we have tried

Strap design is the most comfortable compared to the single strap design.
"It is very comfortable to wear especially when sleeping.  Had complete shoulder replacement.  The sling provided by the hospital with single strap would be very uncomfortable and irritate my neck while sleeping.  This design puts no pressure on the neck.Size runs small.  I am male 5' 10"" tall and 180lbs.  I needed an XL"

Very comfortable
Had to switch our from the one they give you after surgery.  This one is comfortable and no pressure on your neck.

Good for what it is
Good for what it is

A must if having shoulder surgery.
I wished I had known about this sling so that I could've ordered it before my surgery,  but I didn't expect any major repairs. I purchased after about 1 week after labrum repair and acromion excision to keep my shoulder immobilized & it has been amazing! Much better than the one received after surgery. I love that this distributes the weight so its not being carried on one shoulder. Another plus is there is no velcro( other strap)to cut into your neck or get caught in your hair.If I had any complaints,  it would be that the fabric can be hot depending on if you sweat a lot, weather, etc. Other than that I see no really issue.For reference,  I'm 5'6 about 163lbs, athletic build & purchased a medium. I think I could've done a large as well for a longer strap.

best sling after ordering several
This is the most comfortable sling. I order several in different styles and sizes.  This one is the best by far.  The padding make it comfortable and hugs you so your arm is securely immobilized. Had to wear it for 6 weeks and at night it was very comfortable.

Very comfortable
A much better product than the one they send you home with from the ER. That stuff is just garbage and flimsy and they charge you over $100 for it.

Comfortable arm sling
Perfect arm sling.  It’s completely comfortable and easy to put on..I love that it supports my arm without putting any strain on my neck or shoulder

Love this sling.
"If you need to immobilize a shoulder (like if you do a somersault off your horse onto asphalt and break your collarbone and mess up the rest of the area really badly), this is awesome.  AND, if you want to give your shoulder support but NOT immobilize your arm, you can just detach the strap across your back.This is super-comfortable and super-adjustable and only took me about 40 minutes to figure out - the photo ""instructions"" on the box weren't sufficient for me, but with trial and error, I got it and once you do, it's easy to get into and out of.  (By the time I got this, my shoulder was feeling a little better, but if you're in a lot of pain, it can be a LITTLE difficult to slip into, but you learn quickly how to avoid agony, so get it. )"

Nice sling for shoulder sprain
I tweaked my shoulder and was in pain from what seems like just the weight of my arm. My doctor recommended I could wear a sling if I felt it helped. So I got this sling to try. A little tricky to put on at first but once you get it figured out it's very comfortable and gives great support. keeps your arm in a nice position with the extra strap around your opposite side. Seems to be well made and would recommend this to anyone who might need it.

Very happy with this, once I got used to resting my arm in it.  Take your time and keep your arm supported if you want to heal fully.  And you do.  This one doesn't strain your neck.  Buy it.

Best sling out there
Only sling that didn't cut across my broken bone area. Best sling for comfort and secured my arm from movement. So thankful that I bought it and wished that I would have found it sooner.

This price was wonderful after I had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff
This price was wonderful after I had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff

This product was very easy to use and comfortable

Perfect size for me
For left arm injury

Excellent for the price
Nice quality product for the money

I had a recent shoulder injury resulting in 5 breaks in my shoulder. This is by far the best sling on the market- trust me, I tried them ALL. This keeps your sling where it should be, with the Y in the back. Lightweight so you aren't sweaty wearing it. And most of all, the padding on the good shoulder is comfortable enough to sleep in. Size is true to size, easy to put on (might need help the first time or two).

Very Comfortable With Adjustable Support
After rotator cuff surgery, I tried many different arm slings.  Most were very uncomfortable, and put pressure on neck.  This one is by far the most comfortable and supportive that I have found.  This brace uses your opposite shoulder for support, and there is no neck pressure!  Easy to put on/off, and Velcro closure holds strong, and allows easily adjustable support.  Material is very soft, and feels comfortable against skin.  Also, this sling comes in different sizes, so be sure to measure yourself and order the right size.  It will make a difference in comfort level.

Fits well and very comfortable
My husband fell and cricked a bone in his shoulder.  The sling provided by ER did not fit at all as the arm section was way to loo long.  I ordered this for him because istcame sized, was cushioned and breathable.  The back cross strap and Velcro attachments allowed you to customize the fit.  Highly recommend  He was able to use this to immobilize for 30 days.  It can be washed and dried for a quick turn around.  I also put it out in the sun to dry in our triple digit heat as well.

Real upgrade from ER sling
"Bike Accident. Broken shoulder and separated ac joint. Sling I got in ER was scratchy and floppy.  This came and after a little puzzlement on how to work the straps for my left shoulder, this is my best friend. Comfortable even in a short sleeved T, Very secure, really reduced the pain  Buying another one for when I throw this one in the wash.Oh and the"" put it on by yourself"" text in the description is true... once You figure out the straps."

Light but supportive.

Comfortable strap design and soft sling material
"This is a comfortable sling that with a padded cradle to hold the arm and a padded shoulder belt.  The length is easily adjusted by pulling the strap near the hand through the plastic buckle attached to the shoulder strap.  The Waist strap helps keep everything together and and feels secured without being constricting.The only issue I had was that the strap at the forearm was barely long enough even on the XL zise.  For reference, my forearm is approximately 12"" (30cm)  in circumference."

Supportive and comfortable
Finally a soft comfortable sling. I got one from the hospital and its a thin piece of navy blue canvas that was super uncomfortable, Im sure plenty of people have had that one. Im sure the hospital inflated the price ridiculously for junk. You wont be disappointed to have this one on hand it's very nice and comfy.

Surgeon said it was the best he has seen
Amazing support easy to put on alone. My surgeon said it was the best he has seen.

Excellent Arm Sling/Shoulder Immobilizer! Comfortable Support!
This is an excellent sling and shoulder immobilizer. It is easy to put on and take off, easy to adjust to size too. This sling is super comfortable and offers great support for both the arm and holding the shoulder in place while it heals. It is made with quality materials, it is well made and well designed.

So comfortable!
I’m 6 days in to a fracture of the head of my humorous. Ordered this to take some of the pressure off my neck and to be able to wash my stars hospital issue on d/t sweating. This brace is so comfortable I ordered a second one. I ordered large. I’m 5’2” and 155#.

Really happy with this
I have endless issues with my shoulder (rotator cuff), elbow and wrist. I have tried every type of sling, brace and other type of relief imaginable for those times when all three are acting up at once. This one offers sturdy support and comfort and I'm so glad I found it.

Very sturdy & comfortable
I really liked this; I had to return it only because my skinny arm was too big but, that’s the only reason that I didn’t keep it.

Finally found the one
I broke my humerus and have cycled through several slings desperate to find one that would bring some relief. I have finally found it in this one. It supports my arm and wrist. It does not dig into my neck and has no hard plastic adjustment buckle in the back. I highly recommend it.

Five stars
This is very well-made! Comfortable both to wear and to sleep in. Great to have in your home medical supplies!

Good investment and great quality
It fulfills its function, it keeps the arm in place without causing discomfort, I like the material it is not hot yet it is a robust and quality material.  I recommend it 💯

It was really secure and comfortable. It breathed which was nice. I love that it didn’t cause neck strain or pain on the other shoulder like most slings do.

Very comfortable
Very comforrable and supportive. There are no buckles, so it is comfortable for sleeping in. Very happy with this purchase!

Easy To Use and Comfortable!!
This sling has been great for my dad's sprained arm!Here's my list to simplify everything down!!Positives:- Easy to Use:It's really simple to put this sling on.- Comfortable:Can be used for long periods of time!- Different Sizes:Measure yourself before purchasing a certain size so you can get the right fit.- Versatile:Works on Both Arms.Negatives:- None.Final Thoughts?What else would you want from a sling?Anyway that's all I have to say, so thanks for reading and if this review helped you out, please hit the helpful button!!Have a Great Day and Feel Better!!

Easy to use and comfortable to wear.
Easy to use. Support for a sublexed shoulder.

Well made
I have a twin rotator cuff and I tend to over where it so before my surgery I needed something to stop using my arm all the time. I got this to help with that and to help us to recovery. The sling works out perfect for both and my doctor really liked it. It’s actually made really well I told him I am in the exact location right needs to be and reminds me that I need to stop using my arm and let it rest hopefully it will heal enough that I won’t need the surgery as it’s not torn all the way through but one enough that it’s affecting daily life. It’s been well over a year so surgery is likely there’s nothing else has worked this is my last ditch effort.

This amazing  Velpeau Arm Sling/Should Immobilizer supports a good for a variety of issues and conditions.  It's versatile for both arms, and stands out for its extremely comfortable style and lightly padded materials.  It also comes in S, M, and L sizes for a better fit.  I can't emphasize strongly enough how many uses this device has a brace or an immobilizer.  I only wish I'd had it during my frozen shoulder phase.  Next time, I'll be prepared with this sling for anything that comes my way.Notably, it's extremely well constructed and impeccably designed.  The spongy neoprene-like material is aerated with holes (like a colander) for breathability --see my closeup photo.  Your skin won't get sweaty or hot and  uncomfortable underneath, so this design is very forward thinking.  My photo of the back of the boxes shows the easy pictorial of putting the sling on. Nothing complicated, binding, or that causes strain or discomfort.  Very easy, effective and no crazy odor although it was made in China.  LOVE IT!

Well worth the money
The product is comfortable and helps relieve not only the pain from injury but the pain from the neck from traditional silng. My only criticism is I wish the instructions were alittle clearer

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