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Customer Reviews

"It fits properly, not affected by use in water and has relieved my pain form the sprain I received. I highly recommend this thumb support."


David Franklin

"I have tried several splints to try to improve pain that has developed at the base of both my thumbs. This splint offers good support and is comfortable enough to wear all day. It doesn't take the pain away. But it allows me to grip things and open bottle tops with less pain then before. These were priced at $49, whereas l saw another priced at $115. Buying these, l was able to get one for each hand for under $100."



"I wear this one most of the day, and I hardly know it’s on. This one fits perfectly and I have a lot more range of motion. It also comes with a nice cloth cover so the plastic and Velcro strips don't dig into my hand! I recommend this brace to anyone who needs a CMC joint brace!"



"The shoulder strap location is comfortable. My arm/shoulder felt very secure when wearing. The velcro is very strong -- sticks to everything. "



"I can sleep with it, it's not as hot as expected, the plastic support included really does firm up the foam for greater support if I need it, and I'll definitely be using it on long bumpy road trips. Highly recommended."



"It is not bulky and is the size it says it is. I was told to get this by my physical therapist and it has worked so well for my hip pain."