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Rapid Recovery with VELPEAU Brace!

Experience ultimate comfort and freedom
ofmovement with VELPEAU rehabilitationprotective
equipment. Say goodbye to bulkiness and discomfort.

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Continuation of 19th century
French medical inspired design

Rapid Recovery with VELPEAU Braces!

Design Belief: Advancing Innovative Rehabilitation Protective Equipment

Mission: Pioneering Smart Rehabilitation Medicine for Enhanced Human Health

To provide a delightful wearing experience, with a focus on comfort and recovery, VELPEAU is using skin-friendly and premium materials. We constantly strive to refine our products based on valuable feedback, ensuring the highest quality and satisfaction.

  • French cutting
    edge technology
  • More than
    50 patents
  • Self research and
  • Disruptive

Customer Reviews

"It fits properly, not affected by use in water and has relieved my pain form the sprain I received. I highly recommend this thumb support."


David Franklin

"I wear this one most of the day, and I hardly know it’s on. This one fits perfectly and I have a lot more range of motion. It also comes with a nice cloth cover so the plastic and Velcro strips don't dig into my hand! I recommend this brace to anyone who needs a CMC joint brace!"



"The shoulder strap location is comfortable. My arm/shoulder felt very secure when wearing. The velcro is very strong -- sticks to everything. "



"I can sleep with it, it's not as hot as expected, the plastic support included really does firm up the foam for greater support if I need it, and I'll definitely be using it on long bumpy road trips. Highly recommended."



"It is not bulky and is the size it says it is. I was told to get this by my physical therapist and it has worked so well for my hip pain."