Wearing the right inflatable neck brace?

by zhengVelpeau on Aug 02, 2023

Wearing the right inflatable neck brace?

The inflatable neck brace has a similar role to traction and the fixation and braking role of a normal medical neck brace.

The main principle of the inflatable neck brace is to stretch the neck by adjusting the height of the air cushion after inflation. After the neck is stretched, it is possible to relieve the tension of the neck muscles and relieve the pain caused by muscle tension; after the inflatable neck brace supports the head, it can also reduce the pressure of the head on the cervical spine, increase the gap between the bones of the cervical spine and the bone, relieve the compression of the nerves or make the twisted nerves and blood vessels stretch, and improve the symptoms of numbness in the upper limbs.

Because the traction strength can be freely grasped by the user, easy to carry, and many products on the market are more beautiful, in public use is not abrupt, inflatable neck brace is favored by many people.

Although the inflatable neck brace is simple and easy to use, not everyone is suitable to wear; there are some matters that need to be noted in the process of wearing and using it.

Inflatable neck brace applicable groups

1 – Inflatable neck brace can be used for some patients with neck pain; before wearing it, it is recommended to consult a professional doctor.

2-Acute neck injury or an acute attack of cervical spondylosis is generally protected by a medical neck brace, and an inflatable neck brace should be used with caution or under the guidance of a professional physician.

3 – Since the inflatable neck brace is used to lift the head upward by the reaction force generated by the downward pressure on the shoulders and chest, and back during traction, people with thin bodies will experience discomfort and need to be careful when using it, especially thin women.

How to use inflatable neck brace?

After fixing the neck brace on the neck, slowly inflate it, and when there is a feeling of upward support on the head, stop inflating it and observe for a few seconds. If there is no discomfort, try to continue inflating it until there is a feeling of tension at the back of the neck. Then, you can stop inflating it. Some patients have some experience in using it; you can inflate it until the pain is relieved or numbness is reduced. After inflation, depending on the situation, relax for a period of time after 20-30 minutes, and then inflate for a period of time.

In the process of use, pay attention to observation; if there is breath-holding, chest tightness, dizziness, pain, or numbness aggravation, it is recommended to release some air or adjust the direction of the position of the neck brace; if the symptoms still can not be relieved should immediately stop using, ask for professional physician guidance.

Please caution

Inflate slowly and stop when appropriate. Many people like to inflate the neck brace to the maximum amount; the idea is to hope that the neck muscles can be fully relaxed, while the speed of inflation and deflation is very fast, which is often inappropriate and even dangerous.

Not necessary, do not use. Although the inflatable neck brace can improve the symptoms of neck pain to some extent, it is not recommended to use it every day; wear it for a long time to ease the symptoms. Wearing it for a long time will form dependence, weakening the normal function of the neck muscles, and the neck muscles will become “lazy” and develop disuse atrophy, leading to more serious other problems.

If you have a problem, find a doctor. An inflatable neck brace is a temporary aid; if there are symptoms other than neck pain, it is recommended that you seek professional medical attention to avoid delays.

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