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Cervical Collar for Neck Support

Limiting the cervical spine’s movement, reducing repeated friction and adverse stimulation of the compressed spinal cord and nerve roots, and helping oedema and inflammation of the spinal cord, nerve roots, joint capsule, muscles, and other tissues to subside. Increase the vertebral space and intervertebral foramina to reduce or even relieve the irritation and compression of nerve roots.

Take the Neck Stiffness not seriously?

Have you ever had such an experience, waking up suddenly can not move the neck, a move on the pain, and even with half pull shoulder pain together? “The Neck Stiffness, tolerate a day will be fine.” You may not think so. However, the Neck Stiffness may seem ordinary, but it is an early cervical spine disease. Orthopedic surgeon tips four types of serious Neck Stiffness situation, do not delay and have to go to the hospital.

What does a neck brace do?

A neck collar, also known as a neck brace or cervical collar, is an instrument used to support the neck and spine and limit head movement after an injury. Its purpose is to prevent you from moving your head and neck until the injury is healed.

How to Chose the Right Neck Brace?

Many people with cervical spondylosis will be advised by their doctor to use a neck brace to limit neck movement, stabilise the cervical spine and increase neck support to relieve and improve pressure within the intervertebral space and reduce irritation to tissues such as the spinal cord and nerve roots, thus avoiding aggravation and relieving symptoms such as neck pain, headaches and dizziness.
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